covid-19 update

May 22, 2020

Cedarcrest Church Family,

I hope this finds you doing well, easing into Summer and looking forward to this Memorial Day weekend.

I want to provide a quick update on the building re-opening plan. Today, President Trump issued new guidance to State governments that “houses of worship” be allowed to open across the country. I’m proud to say we live in a state where we’ve already had that freedom before today. I’m super grateful we don’t have to fight for the freedom to gather! Those that gave their lives in defense of our freedoms, the ones we remember this weekend, did so for our freedom to worship when and where we feel best. Thank you Jesus for that.

The “freedom” to gather for worship however, is different than the “decision” to gather for worship. As much as we want to see everyone, there are people plans and system plans that need to be right and in place before we invite everyone back. As an elder team and staff we’re working a plan that will move us toward re-opening. I’ve also been in close communication with other local pastors of churches our size and I’m thrilled to say we are moving toward a re-open date in unity with other local churches. Each church across our country has to evaluate their own situation, attendance size, building size, staff size, etc. Some churches in our community will open earlier than others, however there is a group of us that God seems to be moving in the same direction on an open date. We plan to make a joint announcement as senior pastors about the specific date in the near future.

As we move toward a building re-open, we are going to walk before we run. Beginning in June, some LifeGroups will begin to gather socially (while honoring current recommended CDC guidelines). We also have plans for some mid-size gatherings that we will be announcing in June as well. Should everything continue to move in the right direction, our Sunday mornings together in person will be back before you know it.

Until then, we are praying the blessing of heaven over you and your family! God is good! All the time!
See ya Sunday, online.

Van Vandegriff